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We need better stories

Web3 has a deficit of artistic, philosophical, and culturally critical roles to balance technical contributions.

Web3 lacks an acute vision of sociological and cultural synergies to align disparate teams across the ecosystem.

Web3 dedicates a disproportionate amount of attention solving problems inherited from broken systems without ample consideration of where it is all leading.

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We will tell better stories

Pluriverse lorecrafters conduct interdisciplinary research and develop culturally critical artifacts that elaborate the technical fidelity of what we are coordinating for.

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We accomplish this by

Practicing a combinatorics of language concepts
to facilitate a conversation beyond the walled gardens of Web3.

Complicating integral biases and assumptions
about universal users to increase the specificity of Web3 audiences.

Increasing the fidelity of our shared vision and values
by elucidating the common north star of the Ethereum Virtual Machine.


Effective stories rouse the hearts and minds of a population.
By drawing upon our tumultuous past to re-member the living present and prognosticate a vivid future, we shall increase the acuity of our fictions in order to shift our orientation to increasingly destabilized facts.

Lore is more than mere marketing; more akin to active kin making through narrative weaving-together.
Lore is magick ala Crowley, a casting of intention from afar. Our lore is concerned with devising cheat codes to ragequit the race to the bottom, defining trajectories to reach escape velocity of oppressive economic calculus, and filling the tales of meta-paradigmatic, infinitely composable hyperstructures with profound hope.

Our lore is a practice of enunciating what we are coordinating for.
Our lore performs an accountability for the world we are consciously and consistently worlding.


Clarity & Acuity
Potent lore helps web3 builders visualize the north star we are all reaching for. Single-pointed focus, empty yet inexhaustible, gives birth to infinite worlds.

Alignment & Morale
We keep our hearts on the horizon so that others can keep their minds on their composable projects. Articulating the beacons of hope infuses our work with an optimistic light in these dark times.

Fidelity & Memes
We must avoid the propensity for jargon that results in miscommunication, false alignments, and failed coordination. We understand the importance and power of meme-driven development methods in web3 to influence the dreams of our users.

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Sponsorship funds are used to compensate core contributors of the Pluriverse. Funds may also be used for special content production initiatives, at the discretion of the Pluriverse Coalition.

We request 10% of your marketing budget on a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

In return, you will receive proportional governance shares in the Pluriverse Coalition to oversee the use of the funds.

You are invited to attend quarterly meetings to help align thematic and operational directions of the Pluriverse with the interests of your community.

As sponsorships scale, we hope to expand our operations team.

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Sales are motivated to distribute funds back to the artists and experiment with sustainable economics for the Pluriverse creative drops.

The majority of funds will be directed to the artists that crafted the work included in the drop.

A minority of funds will be retained by the launch platform (Metalabel for our first launch, with other protocols serving as collaborators in the future).

30% of funds will be diverted to a vault dedicated to yield-generating experiments. 100% of these funds and yields will be dedicated to new creative projects and alleviating the dependency on future grant awards.

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